Retaining Walls Bring Form and Function to Dundalk, MD, Yards

Not all landscaping projects offer homeowners anything beyond making their yards look nicer. Retaining walls, however, can be a great way to make life easier for some homeowners while also enhancing the look of their landscaping. Dundalk, MD, residents trust the retaining wall builders at Allmaster Home Services for top-notch craftsmanship and exceptional customer service.

A Retaining Wall at a Residential Home

Retaining Walls Are Aesthetically Pleasing

The one thing that retaining walls do for all homeowners is complement their landscaping. These walls can make any yard stand out, and with numerous color and material options from industry-leading manufacturer Belgard®, we’re able to design and build retaining walls that perfectly complement a home’s overall outdoor aesthetic. You can choose from materials such as stone, timber, cinderblock, or concrete to get the look you want.

Retaining Walls Redirect Water

There are some homeowners who stand to benefit more than others from having retaining walls installed. Homes that sit on sloped land can be at greater risk of sustaining water damage, and retaining walls are able to help mitigate that damage by controlling where that water runoff goes—which can prevent moisture buildup in a home as well as soil erosion.

Choosing Allmaster

Since 1987, homeowners in and around Dundalk have been able to count on Allmaster for unmatched service across the board. Our design specialists work closely with you to create the perfect retaining walls for your home, our installers build them quickly and skillfully, and our team doesn’t consider the job finished until your wall has been inspected and you’re completely satisfied with it.

Is a retaining wall just what your Dundalk, MD, home has been missing? If so, contact Allmaster today to learn more and schedule your consultation.