Providing Professional Basement Waterproofing Service for Burtonsville, MD, Homes

No two basements are exactly alike. Some homeowners use them strictly for storage or utility purposes, while others have made living spaces out of them. But there is one thing that brings everyone together: No one wants to deal with water damage down there. Waterproofing your basement now is a great way to help prevent possible damage in the future as your home’s foundation continues to settle, which would normally allow more water to seep through. In Burtonsville, Maryland, the basement waterproofing company to turn to is Allmaster Home Services.

A poured concrete basement of a newly constructed house showing the sump pump in the corner.

Bringing Decades of Experience to Every Project

When you choose Allmaster, you’re getting unmatched experience. Having served Burtonsville and surrounding areas since 1987, we’ve tackled enough basement waterproofing projects to know how to handle any home’s unique needs. Our specialists will carefully inspect your property and work directly with you to put together a plan that works specifically for your home. We’ll then get to work implementing solutions such as drain and drain tile systems, downspouts, sump pumps, yard drainage, and more based on our findings.

When Should You Call Allmaster?

In a perfect world, you’ll be able to find a water problem in your basement early and have Allmaster fix it before it becomes a much bigger issue. While this won’t be the case for all homeowners, it still won’t hurt to make it a point to check your basement more often. Here are some signs that you need to waterproof your basement:

  • You notice that your basement feels damp in some places
  • You see some kind of leak
  • Your basement has begun to flood

If you see any of these signs at your home in Burtonsville, MD, do not hesitate to contact Allmaster. We’ll gladly schedule an appointment and begin your basement waterproofing process as soon as possible.