Reliable Retaining Walls for Homeowners in Owings Mills, MD

Rounded retaining wall with plants and mulch

Retaining walls have become a landscaping staple for local homes; it’s almost weird not to have one on your own yard. Whether you want to break up a hill in your backyard, line your driveway, or spruce up your garden with a retaining wall, Allmaster Home Services will help you make it happen. We have been providing residents of Owings Mills and nearby Maryland communities with custom retailing walls since 1987, and we’re thrilled to do the same for you, next.

Aesthetic & Functional Retaining Walls

People turn to Allmaster for retaining walls for various reasons. Sometimes it’s purely for aesthetic purposes, as the clean lines and materials will add a striking contrast to your property. Other times, retaining walls are built to prevent water runoff or soil erosion, which is especially helpful if your yard slopes downward towards your home. Whatever your reason is for wanting a retaining wall installed, we will create one to suit your goals and preferences.

We’ll Build You the Right Retaining Wall

You’ll have plenty of options to choose from when designing your retaining wall. We source various materials from Belgard®, a leader in the outdoor living industry, so that you can pick from beautiful and durable options like:

  • Stone
  • Concrete
  • Timber
  • Cinderblock

Once you select the material and approve our in-depth design, our installers can get to work building your retaining wall. The scope of the project will determine the timeline, but we can typically complete installations in only a few days.

Partner With the Professionals

Countless residents of Owings Mills and other parts of Maryland have relied on Allmaster Home Services for exceptional retaining walls. You can join our list of satisfied customers by contacting us today!