What’s the Purpose of a Retaining Wall?

What's the Purpose of a Retaining Wall?It’s common to see retaining walls included in the landscaping around homes and businesses. Despite being such a common fixture, you may still be unsure what the purpose of a retaining wall is. While they can definitely be aesthetically enhancing and add a unique element to any landscape, retaining walls actually serve a functional purpose as well.

Retaining Walls Hold Soil in Place

The main function of a retaining wall is to hold soil in place. Soil naturally settles over time, meaning it shifts in response to various seasons and weather patterns. Certain outdoor settings cannot allow for this type of soil movement, however, so a retaining wall is used to hold it in place. While this remains the main function of retaining walls, they’re also frequently used to:

Create Usable Space

If it’s difficult to use your yard because it’s sloped or uneven, a retaining wall can be used to flatten out the space and make it more usable for a patio, garden, or other purpose.

Manage Water Runoff

Another downside to a sloped yard is that it can force rainwater to travel—sometimes right into your home, causing problems with its foundation. A retaining wall can manage this water runoff and help you avoid problems like this.

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