How Long Does It Take to Finish a Basement?

How Long Does It Take To Finish a Basement?When your family is in need of extra living space, one of the most practical solutions is to finish your basement. An unfinished, dark basement can easily be converted into a playroom, extra bedroom, home gym, or several other options. When considering this home upgrade, one of your first thoughts may be, “How long does it take to finish a basement?” In truth, there is no one set answer—the length of your basement finishing project will depend on a list of factors, including:

The Size of Your Basement

One of the best indicators of how long it will take to finish your basement is the size of the space. Some basements that mimic the perimeter of your home and are larger in square feet will require a longer amount of time, while smaller basements that only expand a portion of your house will not take as long. Additionally, if your basement is broken up into rooms and you’re only planning to finish a portion of it, then that will obviously require less time than completing the entire space.


If you frequently experience issues with any moisture in your basement, then you may want to begin the project by waterproofing. After all, you don’t want to go through the trouble and expense of finishing your basement only to have it ruined by water damage. As a bonus, try finding a company that performs both waterproofing and finishing services so that you don’t have to shop around for separate contractors and try to work with multiple different schedules.

The Amount of Work Involved

The extent of your finishing requests will also determine how long it takes for the whole project to be complete. If you’re hoping to make your newly finished basement the entertainment hub of your home, then you’ll need to set up electricity and outlets if there are currently none down there. If you’re planning to add a bathroom or even a bar area with a sink, you’ll need plumbing work. Alternatively, if you’re just aiming for a more low-scale project or already have these components done, then that will reduce the time needed.

The Contractors You Select

As previously mentioned, you’re probably going to be seeking out contractors to complete your basement finishing project. The company that you select will play one of the biggest roles in the completion time of your basement. It’s best to not only ask around and get different quotes and time frames from contractors, but also make sure they are capable of performing the services you need to be done.

Since 1989, homeowners throughout Maryland have depended on Allmaster Home Services for both basement finishing and waterproofing services. We’ll work to transform your basement into the new favorite hang-out spot for your family. For our basement finishing projects, we offer several services so that we are better able to provide you with the exact finished product you have in mind. For a quicker and easier project, we can install a finishing system that features insulated wall panels that can typically be implemented in two or three days. For more in-depth jobs, we can perform a range of options including the installation of framing, sheetrock, insulation, flooring, and more.

For an estimated time frame of how long it would take for us to finish your basement, contact Allmaster Home Services today.