Signs That You May Need to Repair the Foundation of Your White Marsh, Maryland, Home

Foundation Repair White Marsh, MD

You probably don’t think about your home’s foundation that frequently – if at all – until you notice some indications that something may be wrong. Homeowners in White Marsh and other areas of Maryland often experience changes in their foundation due to a natural process called settling. This is when the soil that your foundation is sitting on shifts over time, and can cause tiny changes that shouldn’t raise any concerns. However, you may require foundation repair services if you discover larger issues, such as:

Cracks in Your Foundation, Walls, or Floors

The most obvious sign of foundation damage is cracking. While settling can cause small, hairline fissures, larger cracks can indicate a problem. Additionally, if cracks form on the walls or floors of your home, especially around doors, then this should also raise a red flag.

Doors that Stick or Don’t Open and Close Properly

Another hint your foundation needs to be repaired is doors working improperly. Your interior doors may stick or drag at the top of the frame, while exterior doors are more likely to scrape along the floor and sag unevenly.

Gaps around Window or Door Frames

When issues with your foundation arise, this may cause some misalignment around your windows or doors, causing spaces to form between them and the frames.

Uneven Floors

If you’ve noticed that your floors are sagging, bowing, or warping, this is another clue that your foundation may be experiencing problems.

Basement Moisture

If there is dampness or water leaking into your basement, this is a big indicator of foundation damage. This moisture can result in other serious issues such as mold, mildew, or insects.

In the unfortunate instance that you’re experiencing one or more of these concerns, it’s important to have a professional come to your home and examine your foundation. Fortunately, Allmaster Home Services specializes in foundation repair, and we’d be happy to come to your White Marsh, MD, home to diagnose and fix any issues you may be dealing with. Contact Allmaster today to learn more.