Do I Need to Repair the Foundation of My Bethesda, MD, Home? Settling vs. More Serious Problems

Foundation Repair Bethesda, MD

Part of being a homeowner is knowing that over time your home will age. Something you may not think about, however, is your home’s foundation. Just like the rest of your house, your foundation will most likely experience some changes over the years – a natural process called settling. As your foundation responds to time and the changing Bethesda seasons, it may experience some hairline cracks that shouldn’t raise any concerns. When bigger issues present themselves, however, then you may be dealing with more serious foundation problems, in which case you’ll need repair services.

There are several signs that indicate possible complications with your foundation, such as:

  • Large cracks in your foundation – Although small fissures are normal, larger, deeper cracks in your foundation should raise a red flag.
  • Windows and doors getting stuck – If you have difficulty opening or closing any windows or doors it could signify that your foundation is shifting.
  • Cracks in walls – Foundation issues aren’t just obvious near the ground. If cracks appear on the walls of your home, especially over doors and windows, this is evident of foundation troubles.
  • Water leakage, specifically in your basement – Water leaking into your home is bad enough, especially if you have a finished basement with carpet and furniture that can be ruined. But the moisture can also cause mold or mildew, water stains, and possibly even insects to infiltrate your house.

If you do happen to notice any of these indicators, there’s no need to panic. Simply turn to the experts at Allmaster Home Services and we’ll come to your Bethesda home for a complimentary consultation to determine the cause of your foundation problems. We can then formulate a specific solution to repair the foundation and return it back to working order. For more information, contact Allmaster Home Services today.