Does a Backyard Patio Increase Home Value?

Does a Backyard Patio Increase Home Value?

It’s completely understandable that before you make any major updates to your home – inside or out – you will consider if the project will add any value. For example, if you’re leaning toward having an outdoor patio installed, you might still hesitate, wondering if future homebuyers will view a patio as favorably as you do.

While a patio may not rank as high on the average homebuyer’s wish list as a kitchen or bathroom remodel, you can still expect a return on your investment as long as you keep the project simple. If your primary concern is resale value, you won’t want to create a lavish setup tailored specifically to all of your wants and needs, because it may not match someone else’s. Instead, you can provide the base, and then let the next owner outfit the space to their liking once the home is theirs. Similarly, you’ll want to create a patio that blends in with the rest of your home and property. For instance, you don’t want a patio to take up the majority of space in your backyard, especially if your yard is relatively small. In contrast, a tiny patio can get lost in an extra-large yard, so it’s important to strike an appropriate balance.

If you’re still unsure whether adding a patio to your yard will increase your home’s value, here are some reasons why it may attract buyers:

It Isn’t a Necessity

Unlike other parts of your home, a patio isn’t absolutely necessary. Most people are looking for features like an updated roof and functioning bathroom fixtures, so when a prospective buyer views your home and sees a patio, it will be an added bonus. As a result, you can kick your asking price up a notch.

It Is a Long-Lasting Option

Compared to other outdoor living updates like decks, which can rot and eventually need to be replaced, patios are quite long-lasting. As long as you choose a durable stone option that is crafted to withstand heavy weight and years of outdoor exposure, your patio will become a permanent part of your backyard.

It Can Easily Be Enhanced

As mentioned before, building a fairly simple patio is your best bet because it can be viewed as a blank canvas. Two people can have completely different ideas of what to do with a patio, ranging from an outdoor dining area to a romantic lounge spot. Whoever ends up buying your home will be excited to expand on their outdoor living vision with your patio.

So, where do you start with a new patio installation? To ensure your new hardscape is professionally built from top-tier products, you’ll want to partner with an experienced installation company like Allmaster Home Services. Since 1987, we have been helping homeowners enhance their yards with gorgeous new patios. We work closely with each of our customers, starting with an initial consultation at their homes to completely understand what they’re hoping to accomplish with a new patio. Additionally, we build patios using durable, beautiful pavers from industry-leading manufacturers such as Belgard®. Nearly all of the pavers we use are exceptionally hardwearing and able to withstand the weight of furniture and other heavy fixtures.

If you’re still curious about outdoor patios and whether one can add value to your home, feel free to contact Allmaster Home Services. A member of our team will be happy to answer all of your questions.